About the contest

What is the "Doodle 4 Google" contest? Doodle 4 Google is an annual contest open to students in Class 1 to 10. Students are invited to create their own Google doodle for the chance to have it featured on Google India Homepage as well as win some great scholarships and tech packages for schools as prizes.

Why is Google doing this contest? Doodles are meant to surprise and delight people when they visit Google.com. Past Doodles have celebrated some of the most brilliant, talented, and passionate people throughout history. Doodle 4 Google offers students of classes 1-10 an opportunity to display their own artwork on Google India Homepage.

How long has Google been doing this contest? We've been hosting the Doodle 4 Google contest every year in India since 2009. This website shows details for the India only contest, but the Doodle 4 Google contest takes place in many other countries throughout the year as well.

Can I see the previous Doodle 4 Google winners? Yes! Check here to view previous winners and the last winner’s artwork.

Entry information

Alright, I'm ready. How do I get started? Check out the instructions on the How it works page and be sure to use the Enter page to send us doodles before the entry deadline.

Who is allowed to enter artwork? Parents, teachers, non-profits and after school programs are welcome to enter artwork on behalf of students of class 1-10. When teachers and after school programs enter doodles on behalf of their students, each student's parent or guardian must sign the entry form. Teachers can enter multiple doodles at one time, but only one original doodle per student.

Can teachers and non-profit leaders enter artwork on behalf of their classrooms? Teachers, non-profit leaders, and after school programs are welcome to enter doodles on behalf of their class 1-10 students as long as the entry form is signed by each student's parent or guardian.

Is there a limit to how many doodles a school, non-profit, after school program, or parent can enter? No limit. Though teachers and non-profit leaders may enter multiple doodles for their classrooms at one time, we only accept one original doodle per student.

What happens if two doodles are entered from the same student? We can only accept one doodle per student. Our judging platform will verify that each doodle entered is in fact a unique entry. If we receive two entries from the same student, we will accept the doodle that was received first. Any other entries from the same student will be disqualified. We ask that all parents check in with their child's school before entering to avoid duplicative efforts.

Do you accept group entries? We do not accept doodles that have been created by more than one student. Each doodle should be created by only one student.

Do students have to be Indian citizens to participate? Yes, at the time of submitting the doodle, the student must be an Indian citizen enrolled in an Indian school and lives in India. He or she must also obtain their parents’, legal guardians’ or teachers prior permission to compete in the contest via a signed entry form.

What materials can be used on the doodle? Students may create a doodle using any medium or materials. However, please note that doodles will be reviewed and scanned in a two-dimensional (2D) format. If students create a three-dimensional (3D) doodle, please make sure to take a photograph and enter the photograph rather than the original. Original 2D scannable doodles made with materials such as paint, pencils, crayons, markers, chalk, pastels, charcoal, cray-pas, or a 2D collage will be accepted. Computer-generated images will also be accepted. For more information, see the How it works page.

Do doodles have to be drawn directly on the entry form? No. As long as you are able to take a photo/scan copy of the doodle and combine it with the completed entry form, parents and teachers can enter a doodle created on any material. Parents, teachers, or non-profit leaders can combine the doodle and the entry form by printing hard copies or by digitally editing the photo and the entry form. For more information, check out the How it works page, and when you're done, use the Enter page to send us completed doodles.

Can I enter the contest online? Yes. Parents, non-profit leaders, and teachers can also enter 2D doodles online. See the How it works page for detailed instructions, and use the Enter page to enter a doodle via the digital submission form.

Can I tape the doodle to the entry form? Yes. If the doodle is drawn on another sheet of paper, you can tape it to the official entry form. Just be sure that the tape is clear, the doodle fits above the description, and the information on the bottom of the entry form is visible.

How should the Google logo be incorporated? Students can trace the logo outline on the entry form, or start from scratch by using any materials they wish. Students are free to design their doodles however they want as long as they use the letters G-o-o-g-l-e. Please note that since the winning doodle will be appearing on Google.com as an interactive experience created with the Doodle team, we will be judging 2D and 3D doodles in a 2D format.

Judging and selection process

How is the contest judged? Please see the Judging section of the How it works page for details about how the contest is judged.

Who are the guest judges? Each year, we have a panel of guest judges to help us judge Doodle 4 Google. You can learn more about our 2022 panel on the Judges page.

Is the public involved in the voting process? Yes. Once the entry period is closed and our judges have narrowed the field to the 20 best doodles, the public will be invited to vote online. Voters will be asked to select their favorite doodles, one from each class group. Help spread the word for your favorite doodles by sharing them with your friends and family.